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Hazmat Cleanup

Did you have a hazardous material spill? Call Cow Creek Towing for quick response, and highly trained hazardous spill cleanup experts.  662-927-1008

Hazmat Cleanup Specialists

Does your business transport hazardous material? Were you involved in an accident that resulted in a gas or diesel spill? If so, you’ll want a HAZWOPER-certified team capable of responding immediately when you require an emergency spill response team. Well, look no further than our HAZWOPER-certified crew. The most efficient way of ensuring your business is covered during a hazardous spill is by understanding the importance of having an environmental-certified cleanup team on your side. That’s us at Cow Creek Towing. 

No matter the spill’s size, when the spill occurs, or where it is in Mississippi, you can count on a swift response. First, ensure the safety of your staff by evacuating all personnel. Next, identify the type of hazardous material released. Now, with a quick call to us at Cow Creek Towing, we’ll be on our way. Block off the spill area. Disconnect all material that could ignite, and if the material is flammable, call the fire department.

When our crew arrives, we’ll assess the situation and put the necessary plan of action to work that will safely contain, clean, and dispose of the hazardous material. Contact us today for details on how we can be your spill response partner.

Hazmat Cleanup

Cow Creek’s hazmat response team has the experience and expertise to ensure a swift, safe, and efficient solution for your emergency spill needs. From heavy-duty towing certified specialists to HAZWOPER certification, Cow Creek Towing has all the knowledge, equipment, experience, and qualifications to clean up your hazardous material spill and upright your truck and trailer to seamlessly resolve your hazardous material spill 24/7.

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Hazardous Material Response Services

When you find yourself in need of hazardous material response services, Cow Creek Towing is here to offer you a sense of security and confidence. Our extensive credentials and experience in providing HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) services ensure that hazardous material response containment is a critical aspect of our work. Here are a few key points demonstrating why we are the right choice to help resolve your hazardous spill. With a crew that is HAZWOPER Certified, we have specialized training and expertise in handling hazardous materials. This gives us the knowledge to clean and contain different types of hazardous substances, such as gas, solid spills, hydraulic oil, and other dangerous liquid materials. Our top priority when responding to any spill is to ensure the safety of everyone involved, from your staff to our hazardous response team. Our team comes equipped with all the necessary safety gear, such as personal protective gear, SCBA backpacks, cones, and caution tape. We emphasize the importance of having comprehensive emergency response plans in place, including protocols for containing spills, evacuating personnel safely, and coordinating with relevant authorities and agencies to give you peace of mind about your staff’s safety. To ensure the quick containment and restoration of the affected area, we use nothing but the best state-of-the-art equipment, including booms, skimmers, and absorbent materials. This is our commitment to you.

 We are highly concerned about minimizing the effects of hazardous material releases. Once the spill is contained and removed, we take measures to restore the area to its original state. Minimizing the impact on the environment is our top priority.

Emergency Response

Hazmat Cleanup

When you have a hazardous spill on the roadside, and you’re looking for a competitive company that provides emergency response services and uses a nontoxic and nonhazardous cleaning solution, call Cow Creek Towing.

Oil Spill Cleanup

Hazmat Cleanup

Contact us at Cow Creek for your oil spill cleanup service. Ensuring the safety of your crew and ours is our top priority. We’ll immediately stop and contain the spill and remove any contaminated material.

Hazmat Contractor

Hazmat Cleanup

Whether your business is about transporting fuel, oil, or an oil field operation, having a hazmat team in your contact list that works with local, state, and federal regulators is essential for your business to remain compliant if a spill should occur.

Do Not Put Your Business At Risk

Unfortunately, most companies don’t plan to mitigate a hazardous material spill—the risk of a hazardous material spill, whether oil or gas, is highest during transport. The scene of an oil spill can be pretty hectic and chaotic. And if you are a company that doesn’t have a plan of action in place, you could face significant fines, environmental damage, and reputational harm. Unfortunately, fly-by-night companies prey on such scenarios, putting you at risk of these consequences and, even worse, losing your business. Additionally, it could place you under the scrutiny of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Texas Commission On Environmental Quality. Thus, choosing the wrong company to contain, clean up, and remove your spill could cost you more money, headaches, and time.

You’re not just getting a service by choosing Cow Creek Towing as your remediation and spill containment partner. You’re gaining a team that is dedicated to your best interest. We ensure that you stay within the proper protocol and safety spill clean for all regulators in the state of Texas, saving you time and money in the process. Our commitment to your safety and compliance is unmatched, providing you with a clear advantage in the market.

Hazmat Cleanup

Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

Question: Are your spill cleanup procedures compliant with environmental regulations?

Answer: Yes, our cleanup procedures strictly adhere to all relevant environmental regulations and industry standards to ensure safe and legal handling of hazardous materials.

Question:  Do you offer hazardous waste disposal services?

Answer: The environment is important to us; therefore, we provide comprehensive dangerous waste disposal services, ensuring all waste is handled, transported, and disposed of safely and responsibly at authorized facilities.

Question: What safety measures are in place for your cleanup crews? 

Answer: Our cleanup crews utilize specialized personal protective equipment (PPE), undergo rigorous training in hazmat handling, and follow strict safety protocols.