Heavy Duty Towing

Prompt Heavy Duty Towing

Are you looking for a towing company capable of towing your tractor-trailer? Call us at Cow Creek Towing for qualified, professional, and around-the-clock big rig towing service.  662-927-1008

Searching For Heavy Duty Towing Services?

When you are in Northeast Mississippi, especially near the Pontotoc and Tupelo area, and require a tow for your tractor trailer or any large vehicle, please consider calling us at Cow Creek Towing. Look no further. Our skilled tow truck operators are always ready to hit the ground running to help keep your trucks rollin’. We promptly tow your light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles. From semi-tractors, trailers, dump trucks, and even buses, you can trust us to get your rig where you need it safely and on time. As a full-service towing company, we provide a comprehensive fleet of services tailored to meet the needs of your extensive vehicle fleet services, such as comprehensive roadside assistance, hazardous material cleanup, rotator services, and more. We take great pride in delivering honest, reliable, and highly qualified towing and recovery services backed by certified tow truck operators with extensive HAZWOPER training. Our commitment to top-notch towing services and customer satisfaction drives us to be at the top of the towing service industry advancements, making us your trusted go-to partner not only for towing needs but for the full realm of your big rig towing solutions in the Northeast Mississippi region and beyond. Go ahead and click the “Call Now” button. We are ready to serve you.

Heavy Duty Towing

Call us at Cow Creek Towing for superior towing services and more. No matter what you drive, what hour of the day or night, we promise to provide quick solutions to your roadside breakdown.

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Semi Towing And More

Cow Creek Towing has become the commercial fleet towing expert in the Northeast Region of Mississippi with the grace of God, our determination, and hard work. We specialize in providing top-notch towing and recovery services, no matter the size of your fleet or the weight of your vehicle. As our motto goes,” If it will drive, fly, or float, we can haul it.

Our team holds a wealth of experience and employs state-of-the-art trucks and towing techniques to ensure you receive fast, efficient, safe, and reliable towing services around the clock. From emergency breakdowns that require an immediate response to scheduled tows in advance, our proficiency extends to handling the worst imaginable situation you could find yourself in with precision and professionalism. So, when you’ve found yourself in a sticky situation with your semi, dump truck, tractor-trailer, or any large vehicle on the road today, trust us to be your go-to specialists for all your semi-towing needs, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum peace of mind.”

Accident Recovery Services

Heavy Duty Towing

When you have a rig on its side, turn to us at Cow Creek Towing for expert recovery services. You’ll need an efficient team to provide a prompt response that will safely upright your rig and secure your load- that’s us at Cow Creek Towing.

Certified Tow Truck Operators

Heavy Duty Towing

At Cow Creek Towing, our tow truck operators have a wealth of knowledge and experience and employ modern towing techniques, making them the most qualified when you require professional towing or recovery services for your truck. We roll 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Full Service Tow Truck Company

Heavy Duty Towing

Cow Creek Towing is a full-service towing company specializing in light, medium, and heavy-duty services. Our operation is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, making us a reliable source when you need a professional towing team, no matter the hour of the day or night. Rain and shine, holidays, we’ve always got your back when you need it the most.

Your  Towing Experts

Regarding towing, we aim to relieve the stress and frustrations that truck breakdowns can trigger. Whether it’s a mechanical failure, a tow on your dump truck loaded with rock, or the aftermath of a rollover demanding accident recovery, we see beyond just towing and recovery. We are here to serve you around the clock, day or night, to ensure all residential or commercial motorists lend a helping hand when the unexpected happens.

Our team is experienced and professional with many years of service, to ensure you are provided with the full extent of our company’s knowledge and products. Our towing experts are more than trained, they are very passionate about providing you with best service and able to handle your recovery needs both efficiently and effectively, guaranteeing safety, stability and satisfaction.

Heavy Duty Towing

 Problems Happen When They Do Call Us

Problem:  Suppose your tractor-trailer decided to quit mid-job, abandoning your truck and trailer, leaving it parked and unsecured.

Solution: Don’t waste any time recovering your truck and load. Reach out to us at Cow Creek Towing, where we are more than willing to handle the secure retrieval of your truck and trailer. Our services encompass semi-swap assistance and abundant towing for tractor-trailers, guaranteeing the safe transport of your vehicle and cargo to its destination.

Problem: The truck driver narrowly avoided colliding with a green Subaru that abruptly pulled in front of him by swiftly applying the brakes, causing the load to shift off balance.

Solution:  Cow Creek Towing offers scale services, including load shifts and transfers throughout the Northern Mississippi area. Our team is prepared to shift weight, offload, and store cargo for our clients. Our facility has dock capabilities for load transfers, cargo loading, and unloading. We provide 24-hour cargo services for all types of cargo and materials.

Problem:  Say you are driving your diesel bus when it suddenly loses power. You have no choice but to call a towing company that offers landoll services to transport your bus to the repair facility.

Solution:  Cow Creek Towing is a hard-working team. And in our bag of hard-working ethics is our landoll transport service. We specialize in towing large vehicles such as buses, towing motorhomes and RVs, and other large equipment, and farm machinery. From moving your construction equipment from job site to job site, heavy lifting services to landoll services, we have all your heavy lifting, transporting, and towing jobs covered.